ANNOUNCE: GBuffy 0.2

This is an announcement for GBuffy 0.2.  GBuffy 0.2 is a mail
notification program for X which uses GTK+.  It is similar to XBuffy.

The main changes for GBuffy 0.2 (besides bug fixes) is support for NNTP
and IMAP mailboxes.  You can now use GBuffy to watch folders on your
IMAP server, or newsgroups on your NNTP server.

For more information, screenshots, and source, see

Brandon Long (             []

   "However, I *do* find the idea of anyone calling Vader "bitch" 
     and living to tell about it uproariously funny." -- Jason Lindquist
 URL:   Author: Brandon Long
						      Current Version: 0.20
						      Date: 01-11-1999
   GBuffy is a GTK+ multiple mailbox "biff" program. It is conceptually
   based on XBuffy by Bill Pemberton, but is a complete rewrite from
   GBuffy will poll multiple mailboxes for new mail. It will list the
   number of new messages in each mailbox you configure. It will also
   highlight the mailboxes which have new mail. Pressing the left mouse
   button on a mailbox with new mail will display the Sender and Subject
   of each new message. Additionally, GBuffy will display the X-Face
   header for messages which have them. Pressing the middle mouse button
   on a mailbox will launch the configured command, generally a command
   to read the mailbox with your favorite mailreader. Pressing the right
   mouse button will bring up the configure menu.
   GBuffy is currently capable of watching MBOX, MMDF, Maildir and MH
   Folders.  This version also supports IMAP4rev1 and NNTP with XOVER.  
   Support for an external program for notification is planned.
   The main advantages of GBuffy over XBuffy are:
     * Uses the GTK+ Toolkit
     * Supports the X-Face: header
     * Easy User Configuration
     * Configuration data stored using GNUStep libPropList
     * RFC2047 decoding of headers (that's non US-ASCII character set
     * Support for Maildir and MH mailboxes
     * Support for IMAP mailboxes
   Current Version: 0.20
   Currently, GBuffy is ALPHA code. It is fairly stable, but may contain
   memory leaks, may suddenly die if you do something I haven't. Not all
   features are yet implemented, and it may not be the easiest to compile
   yet. In the future, it may become a GNOME application, which should
   be pretty simple given that it already uses GTK+ and libPropList.
     * Support images for each mailbox instead of text
     * Support -geometry command line argument
   Only available as Source.
     * GTK+ 1.1.11 or later
     * libPropList 7.3 or later (available with WindowMaker) or
     * libcompface for decoding X-Face headers. Included.

   To compile, run ./configure in this directory.  It should work,
   mostly.  You may need to modify the resulting makefile to find
   gtk-config and/or the libPropList library, as these are autodetected

   The binary, gbuffy, should be able to be installed anywhere.

   Just run gbuffy to start the application.  The first time, you will
   get a message about having no defaults.  Click the right mouse button
   in the resulting window, and configure your mailboxes and save.  Note
   that GBuffy will save your defaults in ~/GNUStep/Defaults if it exists,
   or in ~/.gbuffyrc otherwise.  You shouldn't hand edit this file.

   There is a simple perl script included in this distribution which you
   can use to convert a XBuffy boxfile to a GBuffy configuration file.
   For instance, you could do:
   ./ < ~/.xbuffy > ~/GNUStep/Defaults/GBuffy
   Then again, this may not work

   As of GTK+ 1.1.6, GTK+ will parse /etc/gtkrc and ~/.gtkrc  To
   The GBuffy distribution comes with an example gtkrc, gtkrc.example,
   which was used to create the screenshots on the GBuffy homepage.

   NOTE: Currently, GBuffy requires IMAP4rev1 compatible IMAP servers,
   and for NNTP, it requires the server support XOVER.

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