Re: 1.1.12 and gtk_tree (Pavel Janik ml.) writes:

> [I know CTree is better, but ...]
> Everything in this mail is about this small program digged from
> tutorial:
> #define CONST 2048

> It is very simple - creates gtk_tree and append CONST items to
> it. Well. But:
> if CONST is e.g. 50- it's ok. When the tree is expanded it's rolled
> out, scrolled window gets scrollbar.
> If CONST is 2047 then the tree is also expandable, but no more
> scrolling bars...
> If CONST is 2048+ then the tree is no more expandable and no more
> scrollbars.
> 2048 is the problem (2^11). Can you explain it? Is it the limitation
> of subitems or items in then scrolled_win or what? All my programs use

The problem is that window sizes in X are limited 16 bits, 
so at the point you have 2048 items you start overflowing the 
a signed short.

The solution is to use a CTree instead.


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