[PATCH] Small fix to GtkText


The patch below fixes what appears to be a simple cut-and-paste error
in gtktext.c (gtk+-1.1.12, I don't know about cvs version).

The problem manifested itself as follows: when inserting successive
sections of text with different background colours all the text would
come out in the same style.

Matt Aubury

--- gtk/gtktext.c.old   Thu Dec 17 02:47:57 1998
+++ gtk/gtktext.c       Sun Jan 10 14:44:14 1999
@@ -2975,11 +2975,11 @@
   if (prop->flags & PROPERTY_BACKGROUND)
-      if (!back || !gdk_color_equal (&prop->fore_color, fore))
+      if (!back || !gdk_color_equal (&prop->back_color, back))
        return FALSE;
-    if (fore != NULL)
+    if (back != NULL)
       return FALSE;

   return TRUE;

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