[ANNOUNCE] GtkEditor version 0.0.6

A new version (0.0.6) of the GtkEditor widget is available at


 * Escape characters in syntax blocks.  Stuff like "\"hello, world\""
   will actually look as intended.

 * Use of registers for highlighting sub-patterns.  E.g. to highlight
   prototypes you can now use a pattern like

           "^\\([a-zA-Z_][a-zA-Z0-9_]*\\)[ \t]*("

  and then specify that only register 1 should be highlighted.

 * Nested syntax blocks.  This will make stuff like SML comments
   highlight correctly.  It is not, however, totally safe to use this
   with 'lazy' highligting...se README for detail.

GtkEditor v0.0.6
Thomas Mailund <mailund@daimi.au.dk>

A source editor widget for GTK.

In time this should evolve into a nice editor widget with syntax
highlighting, parenthesis match, indenter etc.

It is far from complete, but at least it's good enough for editing
it's own test program (test.c).

Currently only syntax highlighting is implemented...and it only works
with GNUs regex library. If you are on a Linux box, that is probably
what you got. (Look for re_compile_pattern etc. in your

It needs a few changes to the text widget. Mostly to be able to do the
highlighting. I could do that without the changes I think, but I have
also other plans for this...To get the changes you must patch with


If you would like to help me develop the editor widget, perhaps you
should get the latest version from CVS. Use
:pserver:anonymous@cvs.gdev.net:/cvs as your CVSROOT and hit enter for
the password.  The module name is GtkEditor.


Let me know what you think.


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