horrible horrible gtk scrollbar madness

puhleeeeeeeeeeze help me.

I'm using cvs gtk and gnome, and since around gtk 1.1.11, certain apps of
mine, despite recompiling, have been missing scrollbars here and there...


that's an example, as you can see, the xchat user list has no scrollbar,
even though it should.  gaim, the aol instant messanger, is mostly hidden,
but it's missing the scrollbar on the buddy list, but in a chat window, it
has one.

and gtkicq, on messages and such, has a scrollbar, but, as you can see,
not in the list mode.

gftp is the same.

This is driving me insane, I've talked to others with the same system
config, ive uninstalled then reinstalled gtk, glib, etc, and STILL I don't
have the scrollbars.  I tried the 1.1.12 of gtk from ftp site, not just
cvs, and same thing.

Some scrollbars work, others don't.  Please help me.

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