Bug in removing last item in a tree?

I am using GTK 1.0.4

If I have a tree with a single item and I remove it, the +/- box goes
away.  If I later try to add an item to this list, I get:

>** WARNING **: invalid cast from (NULL) pointer to `GtkTree'
>** WARNING **: file gtktree.c: line 187 (gtk_tree_append): "tree != NULL"

If there are two items and I remove one, everything works as expected.

[+] Root tree item/tree
 |- Tree item that I try to remove

The behavior occurs when I call gtk_tree_remove_item,
gtk_tree_remove_items, and gtk_container_remove.

If this is my fault, how do I fix it?  If it is a bug, is it fixed in a
later 1.0, or is there a work around?


BTW, is there some way to search the mailing list archive?

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