Re: [gtk-list] Gtk Accessibility for the blind and deaf

   It just occured to me that Gtk, by not using the Athena or Motif widgets,
   has one significant disability: support of packages like UltraSonix, which
   provide screen review of text via speech and braile interfaces. Has anyone
   looked at this issues (and the simpler ones of auditory cues not being
   usable by the deaf)? 

This isn't really a fault of Gtk....  by definition, if you're
creating a brand new widget set, an application based on some other
widget set can't make use of it.  Somebody who wants Ultrasonix needs
Motif or Athena or whatever it uses; somebody who wants my (not yet
publicly released) HC11 machine code downloader will have to have Gtk
(gtk--, in fact).
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