extend gtk_file_selection_new widget?

Wouldn't it be very useful to provide a small toggle in default file
selection window to show hidden files or directories? Sometimes I want
to select a file in a hidden directory (e.g. "~/.private"), but the only
way around I know is to enter the path manually. I like the default, not
showing hidden files, though.

A second thing I dislike is the lack of any error message when I try to
enter a non-readable directory. The directories frame on the left just
get cleared and I have to click on "./" to see to subdirs again.

I could also ask for a filter the shown files/directories based on a
regular expression you could fill out somewhere, but I think most people
agree that that would be a massive overkill. :)  There are many things
that could be added (e.g. file selection dialog box in M$ windoze) but
I'm not sure all that stuff is the "right" way to do in gtk widgets.
Maybe in Gnome?


Wing Tung

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