Re: [gtk-list] Tooltips color setting

In <URL:news:local.gtk> on Wed 06 Jan, Dave Cole wrote:
> I was looking through the the GtkTooltips source and noticed that
> nothing seems to be using the foreground/background colors.  It seems
> that the tooltip is now drawn with the style that is attached to the
> GtkWindow used to display the tooltip.
> I have tried a number of ways via my ~/.gtkrc to configure the style
> of this window, all to no avail.
> Has anyone managed to control the tooltip window style via a .gtkrc
> file?
Only by overkill:

# Brian's gtkrc
style "tooltip"
  bg[NORMAL] = { 1.0, 1.0, 0 }
# tooltips seem to use a plain DrawWindow??
widget_class "*GtkDrawWindow*" style "tooltip"

The code needs fixing to set a proper class.

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