Re: [gtk-list] mouse location for drag-begin

>  Is there an easy way to get the x, y coordinates
>  of a drag begin. The only way I see by browsing the
>  dnd-api.txt file that Owen wrote is to maybe keep
>  track of the latest mouse press location and use that
>  if you detect a drag.
>  I have a ctree and a clist. You can drag the selection of
>  the ctree to the clist. I want to be able to use the row
>  under the mouse if there is no selection.
>  I could set the ctree as a destination and use the drag_motion
>  event. Would that be inadvisable?

What we do in Gmc is to save the mouse position upon receiving a
button_press_event.  Then you use that value from the DnD handlers.


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