Re: [gtk-list] Running both stable and devel GTK+?

> I know that out there someplace there's a page detailing how
> to effectively combine ver. 1.1 and 1.0 on one system, so as
> to run a stable GIMP and GNOME, for example. I can't find
> any information on this on, and I can't figure out a
> good regexp to feed the archive search engine!

It's easy if you just want to write code using one of the gtk versions
but want to be able to run precompiled programs against either one of
the versions.  Just install both gtk libraries (but only one set of .h
files) - this will work fine because the shard libraries have
different versions.  If you have a RH system with rpm, just install
both gtk versions, but only zero or one gtk-devel version.

Writing code using both is a little trickier but can be done.  I have
gtk+-1.0.6 in /usr from the rpm (for the RH tools and a few programs I
wrote but am waiting for gtk-1.2 before converting them to the newer
gtk) and gtk+-1.1.x in /usr/local so I can play with gnome.  You have
to be careful if you use gtk-config to pick out the include and
library directories for you compilations.  I put /usr/local/bin in my
path before /usr/bin and then wrote my own Imakefiles (w/o using
gtk-config) for the programs using gtk+-1.0.6.

Hope this helps.


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