List of GTK TODO suggestions.

Ok, here are some valuable features that could be added to the GTK.
Please respond with your criticism/support.

- Right click context menu for text boxes.

- Context-sensitive help popups, esp. for dialogs boxes. They could be 
activated by a right click when that's not otherwise bound, or by pressing a ? 
button then using a left click.

- In the TreeView widget the letter keys on the keyboard should act as 
accelerators to the nearest item starting with that letter.

- TreeView smooth scrolling would be cool!

- Menu bar items should highlight, tracking the mouse movement, consistent 
with that same feedback behaviour exhibited by toolbar items.

- Pressing the alt key once should make the top left menu highlight.

- In the table/details view widget double clicking a column header border 
should automatically resize that column to the best fit width.

- There should be more intelligent initial widths to the columns.

- Tooltips should use bg[PRELIGHT] for their background rather than the same 
one as toolbars. Currently it doesn't look great when there is a tooltip for a 
toolbar button - the backgrounds for the two are the same.

- The menu button, as seen on modern keyboards, should be mapped to bring up 
the current context (right click) menu.

- It would be nice if a drag and drop toolbar configurator could be built into 
the toolkit.


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