RE: [gtk-list] Re: Resources?

There is already a thing like this, object arguments, but it's not
implemented for all the widgets yet.

For example you can say:
 gtk_widget_new (gtk_vbox_get_type (),
                        "GtkBox::homogeneous", FALSE,
                        "GtkBox::spacing", 5,
                        "GtkContainer::border_width", 10,
                        "GtkWidget::parent", main_vbox,
                        "GtkWidget::visible", TRUE,

(from testgtk.c) 

And you can also get and set those things on the fly.


This seems that you are creating a new 
widget with these settings.  Is there a way
to update or findout the settings of an 
existing widget?

Also, I propose to make the string constants
defined macros.  So the compiler will flag
them if you have a typo.

-- Steve

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