BUG: Non-latin keybindings

I am sorry I am bringing that up so late -- I knew about that bug for
a while and did not think it is an urgent matter. People on ru@li.org
convinced me that it is a serious bug. So, here is a description:

One can not use non-Latin characters for key-bindings. E.g if menu
label "_New" translated as (russian) "_Novyj" using Cyrillic letters
key-binding does not work anymore. I also noticed that Latin character
key-bindings work even if you switch your keyboard in to the Cyrillic

I tried to figure out how it can be fixed and it is not going to be
easy for me. It might be as simple as changing  "ifactory_scanner_config"
in gtkitemfactory.c or as complex as changing algorithm of processing 
key events. I am obviously not qualified for the job.

For me, an ideal solution would be if underlining Cyrillic character
was equivalent to underlining Latin character from the same key. In
that case one does not have to switch from Cyr. to Lat. and back to
use menu key-bindings. But other might expect key-bindings to work the
same way as in Windows (where e.g. key-bindings to Latin "Y" and
Cyrillic "H" are different, even though they reside on the same key) 

 Sergey Panov.

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