Re: Displaying JPEGs

Hi all.

>On 13 Feb, Mike Lindahl scribbled:
>->  I am relatively new to GTK and am trying to get jpegs to display.  I am
>->  using the libjpeg library and that is not a problem.  I have successfully
>->  loaded the image into an array of memory.
>->  My problem comes in trying to display it.  My first idea was to use
>->  successive calls to gdk_draw_point.  This works, however, it takes _way_
>->  too long.  Since I am running on an 8-bit display, I also have to allocate
>->  color entries (I am not entirely sure if I am doing this correctly,
>->  but...).

I am stuck on a similar problem. That's why I joined this list ;)
I want to display an 8-bit gray scale image stored in an array,
Damn that slow color allocation, huh? As a last resort, I tried what
you did, and it was slow as hell :)

>there is a whole library designed just to do all of this:
>save yourself a lot of work :)

It would be nice if you could specifically tell me which lines of
imlib code to look into. Reverse engineering is a time comsuming
process, you know :)

Also, related to slow color allocation, how would you display many
lines of various colors as fast as possible?



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