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Motif is a widget set that is intended to work in conjunction with the Xt
Intrinics. Xt is a policy-free (like X, it does not require widgets to draw
themselves in any particular style or behave in any particular way). Motif is
just one widget set, Xaw is another, and ther could be others (I will always
wonder why Gtk+ came into existence when its authors could have made use of
the Xt's strong architecture and invented a open source widget set). In many
respects, Xt/Motif is more mature than Gtk+, having been in existance for
quite some time. Architecturally (from the programmer's viewpoint) I find them
to be about the same in terms of complexity. For example, Gtk+ and Xt/Motif
apps both create instances of user interface objects, both allow clients to
register callback functions that get called when the widget detects something
interesting (like a button press or a menu item selection), and both require
the programmer to enter a loop (XtAppMainLoop for Xt/Motif, gtk_main() in
Gtk+). Xt applications are simpler in some respects; the API is less difficult
(each widget in gtk has its own create function, e.g., gtk_menu_item_new(),
gtk_button_new(), gtk_entry_new(), blah blah, while in Xt you just call
XtCreate*Widget() and pass a constant identifying which class you want to

syd wrote:
Hi, floks:

I am new to gtk. Could anyone tell me what is the difference between gtk 
and motif? I mean the technical aspect, not the copy right part.


Ming Jiang

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