Re: [gtk-list] Window centering continued

On Sat, 18 Dec 1999, Matthew D Allen wrote:

[big example snipped]

+ Now there's another problem.  If the widget is not visible, (i.e. I
+ haven't called gtk_widget_show() on it) then the get_geometry() call lies
+ to me and tells me the window is 20x22 every time.  This sort of makes
+ sense, since it's hard to tell how big a window is if it isn't on screen.
+ So, I have to show the widget before I can pull this off.  But then, if I
+ do that, then the window "jumps" from wherever the wm put it originally to
+ the spot I specify after figuring out what the coordinates should be.  To
+ complicate things, sometimes the get_geometry call gives bad width/height
+ even AFTER showing the widget.  (I've also tried gtk_widget_show_all()
+ with the same result)

get_geometry() is not lieing to you. Rather, the window really is the reported
size and position, until it is mapped, at which time the window manager gets a
chance to interfere.

+ For the record, I agree with Havoc in that if an application wants to
+ enforce wherever it wants to be rather than just suggesting where it wants
+ to be and letting the wm have the final say, the app is broken.
+ Unfortunately, the spec for this application *requires* that all windows
+ pop up completely centered.  Just using the gtk_window_set_position works
+ for the vast majority of window managers, but E doesn't want to play nice
+ for some reason.
+ Any pointers on what could be going wrong or how to get around this I
+ would really appreciate.

Yes. Don't use this app with Enlightenment. That's very rude behavior for a
windowmanager, but ultimately the WM is a dictator, and your app must work
within it's rules. Sorry :(

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