RE: [gtk-list] Setting a GTKText signal

attach a handler to the key_press_event. It's placed in GtkWidget.



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> Subject: [gtk-list] Setting a GTKText signal
> [I don't know if this message was sent and is being ignored 
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> on, or if a snafu occurred, which has happened to me a few times
> recently.  So, apologies if this is a duplicate.]
> After looking at a melange of docs, I'm a bit confused on this one:
> I would like to be able to bind a signal to pressing the Enter/Return
> key in a GTKText widget.  Which of the following approaches 
> is the right
> one:
> 1) Change the "activate" signal's binding from Ctrl-Return to Return
> 2) Write my own signal, tie it to the Return key, and attach it to the
> widget   
> 3) Write a new widget/class (is there a difference?) that's a subclass
> of GTKText, with its own special signal
> I haven't been able to find anything on how to bind signals 
> to key-press
> events.  (I fully admit that I may have overlooked something.)  Does
> anyone have any pointers?
> Thank you for your help.
> --Mike
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