Menus select the first item

>From gtkmenuitem.c:

      /* This is a bit of a hack - we want to select the first item
       * of menus hanging of a menu bar, but not for cascading submenus
      if (GTK_IS_MENU_BAR (GTK_WIDGET (menu_item)->parent))
	  GtkMenuShell *submenu = GTK_MENU_SHELL (menu_item->submenu);
	  if (submenu->children)
	    gtk_menu_shell_select_item (submenu, submenu->children->data);
But why? It makes it a bit faster to select the very first item, but
at the cost of confusing the user. He has to move the mouse pointer
down anyway if he wants to select the first item with the mouse, not
the keyboard. 

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