Re: forcing focus

John C Atkeson <> writes:

>   This example (another hack  of Scribble) works right in gtk-win32 but
> not in Linux/KDE or Irix.  
>   In Win32, when I click on the drawing area, the text-entry window
> raises and keeps focus, so that I can type in text without having to move
> the mouse away from the drawing area.
>   In Linux/KDE and Irix, the text-entry comes forward but stays out of
> focus.  
>   How do I force the text window to be type-able after every click in the
> graphic window?

This is a window manager issue. The window manager is eating the click
that is used to raise the window. Many window managers have an option
to pass this click through. Alternatively, you could switch to a 
different focus policy that doesn't require a click to transfer


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