[ANNOUNCE] GtkAda 1.3.4 for Win32

GtkAda 1.3.4 release
GtkAda is an Ada95 graphical toolkit based on Gtk+ version 1.2.x. It
allows you to develop graphical applications in Ada95 using Gtk+.
This is the Win32 only version of this toolkit, that is technically equivalent
to the already released 1.2.4 for unix platforms.
The primary site for download is http://gtkada.eu.org
New features in 1.2.4/1.3.4 include:
- Handling of Gdk events has been rewritten, so that:
    * It is now much easier to convert from one event type to another
    * It is possible to create events directly from GtkAda, and then send them
      to any widget.
- Handling of signals has been modified, so that GtkAda now tests that the
  handler provided are compatible argument-wise with what is expected in gtk+.
  The same test is done when emitting a signal.
- New code generation in GATE:
    * take advantage of the composite types
    * generate a child package for callbacks related to each composite widget
    * generate comments in callback stubs to separate cleanly each callback,
      and to avoid occasional merge failures
- New widgets supported by GATE/DGATE: Gtk_List, Gtk_Clist (partially),
  Gtk_Paned, Gtk_Viewport, Gtk_Vscrollbar
- Fixed GATE support for Gtk_Frame (Label handling)
- Simple minded support for XML attributes in Glib.XML
The GtkAda team  <gtkada@ada.eu.org>

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