Re: [gtk-list] Poblem compiling Glib 1.2.4

On Tue, 24 Aug 1999, Kevin Handy wrote:

> When compiling Glib 1.2.4 on a RedHat 5.2 system with gcc 2.95.1,
> I got an error about FD_ZERO used in gerror.c.
> In the GCC-2.95.1 FAQ file, it states that the FD_ZERO macro
> supplied with libc-5.4.46 is incorrect (invalid asm clobbers)
> and gives replacement code for it. Using that code makes the
> compile work.
> Is it possible to add a test in the configure to test for
> the bad FD_ZERO code? I don't know if it is broken only for
> gcc-2.95.1, or for previous versions also, the FAQ is not
> specific.
> Just thought I ought to give a warning about this in case anyone
> else tries this.

could you post the exact error you are getting and give an URL
for that FAQ?


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