Re: [gtk-list] Gtk-- : delete_self

In message <>Mark 
Shinwell writes
>Could someone explain if I am doing something wrong: I am attempting to
>destroy a Gtk_Window (allocated with "new") by calling the delete_self
>function from a callback on a child widget of the window.
>I cannot get it to work; the program crashes with a bus error (this is
>under HP-UX) in G_SList::insert, stack backtrace
>1  G_SList::insert
>2  Gtk_Signal_Base::insert_connection
>3  connect_to_method<int, Gtk_Trashcan<Gtk_Object>,
>                     Gtk_Trashcan<Gtk_Object> >
>4  Gtk_Trashcan<Gtk_Object>::throw_away
>5  Gtk_Object::delete_self
>6  Gtk_Widget::delete_self
>7  (my code)
>So what am I missing?   Versions: Gtk-- 1.0.1, Gtk+ 1.2.3.

Gtk-- 1.0.1 cantains a bug that the insertion list used by
delete_self is not properly initialized.  This results in
a seg fault when the connection list incounters the broken 
list. (This only occurs on SGI, HP-UX, and FreeBSD.)  The
problem is caused by a library loader which can not initialize
static objects. 

The problem is fixed in Gtk-- 1.0.2.

Hope that solves the problem.


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