Re: [gtk-list] Re: win32 install info


This port to win32 is excelent thing. Thank Tor.

I have one question. Is here anyone who tryed to build GTK+ on win32
platform with cygwin using posix emulation runtime ? I am trying to port
one my application to win32 environment. The reason why I don't want to
use real native port of GTK+ to win32 is, that I am extensively using
pipes/sockets and other stuff which don't work on win32 without cygwin
POSIX runtime.

I'v grabed yesterday newest version from CVS. I sucessfuly compiled glib
with standard UNIX method using configure script. Then I have tried to
build gdk and it fails compiling because of undefined g_pipe_readable_msg 
& G_WIN32_MSG_HANDLE which are only defined when copiling glib for NATIVE
win32. There also were problems compiling gdkwindow.c file because of
undefined macro _MAX_PATH. I solve this by following define :

#ifndef _MAX_PATH

gtk compiles right (except of gtkrc.c file, but when I change all 
#ifdefs NATIVE_WIN32 to WIN32 it compiles OK).

As I understand it, the only problem is how to handle concurently gdk
events and sokets. Am I right?

Is here anyone who can help me get working gtk with cygwin POSIX runtime ?

With regards,

P.S. sorry for my awfull english.
Stefan Ondrejicka <>
Beethovenova 11, 917 08 Trnava, Slovakia

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