Re: [gtk-list] type system question

On Thu, 29 Apr 1999, CESAR MENA, BLOOMBERG/  NEW YORK wrote:


please don't send your message bodies in attachment, chances are
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hello all -
could anybody explain why is it necessary to call
LOOKUP_TYPE_NODE after gtk_type_class_init, if if was already
called??  if the variable 'node' was already pointing
to the right place in the type_nodes list, why would
calling gtk_type_class_init change that?? 
please excuse my ignorance if this is a ridiculous question,
but i don't see the point.
many thanks  

take a closer look at gtk_type_node_next_and_invalidate(), the
type nodes are kept in a relocatable array and therefore the
additional lookups are neccessary to maintain pointer validity.


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