Re: [gtk-list] Re: changing a widget's background (David LE CORFEC) writes:

> Alan Shutko wrote:
> > I'm not sure I agree.  Glade (imho) doesn't do a good job of managing
> > it, but boxes are really just like rows or columns of a spreadsheet.
> > (For example, I don't like how it will ask you how many things should
> > be in a box.)  Just keep adding things into them, and they do the
> > right thing.  Aloow the non-programmer to set some simple properties
> > (like whether things expand or not) and you'll let them easily get
> > good results considerably easier than any fixed gui-builder.
>  Yep ! For those who had an Amiga, there was a great toolkit
>  called MUI (

Definitely the best GUI system I've used so far. I loved all those
nifty C macros that let you build your GUI code in a tidy hierarchial

Lars Haugseth

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