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As the well known Erik Mouw said...
->On Mon, 26 Apr 1999 17:53:40 +0200 (MET DST), (Emmanuel DELOGET) wrote:
->> I'm currently updating gtk (from 1.0.6 (!) to 1.2.2) on a freebsd
->> 2.2.8 box, and I have some problems. Everything compile well
->> (on my linux box without the pthread lib, I had a compile time
->> error on some file - I do not remember the name), and install well
->> from the following command line :
->>      ./configure --prefix=/usr/local --datadir=/usr/local/lshare \
->>      --infodir=/usr/local/linfo
->> But when I want to 'configure' compile some third party products that
->> uses gtk (such as imlib or the Gimp), they complain and give me these
->> error messages :
->AFAIK, GIMP 1.0 does not work with GTK+ 1.2.x, so the error message is
->quite normal. There seems to be a GIMP version that works with GTK+ 1.2.x.
->Imlib however, does work as long as you get the latest and greatest version.
	Yes... That was Gimp 1.0.4. The configure script failed on the 
	gtk version verif [probably on the same error than below, since
	it links a gtk-based program to find the gtk version].
->Try to compile the GTK examples in the examples subdir. If that works, the
->problem is in GIMP or Imlib, otherwise you can figure out with ldd what's
->going wrong.
	OK. The examples compiles. But they don't run and returned : failed: Undefined symbol "___isthreaded" in menu:/usr/local/lib/

	So : find the libraries, but fail to link them dinamically.
	I don't know whether __isthreaded is a gtk symbol or not, I will dig
	this when I have time.  	
	Thanks for you help. I didn't thought to the examples/ stuff.
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