Re: [gtk-list] Re: C++ and gtk.

Fair enough. However, it seems illogical (even symantically incorrect) to
me that gtk_table_attach() takes a GtkAttachOption and not an int (just
like it used to be until recently).
Afterall, EXPAND|SHRINK is an int and not a GtkAttachOption. Besides,
while I don't know the particulars of compiler behavior, it seems quite
feasible to me that casting an int to a GtkAttachOption may result in a 1
or 2 or a 4 (i.e. a GtkAttachOption) and not, say, 5 as desired.

Any any case, what was the rationale behind changing an int to a


On 26 Apr 1999, Guillaume Laurent wrote:

> pavel <> writes:
> > Is there a way to solve it without explicit casts (or writing my own
> > wrappers)?
> Why writing your own C++ wrappers when there already are some...
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> 					Guillaume.
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