Re: [gtk-list] new file selection box wrote:
> Hiya, people with long memories might recall some debate a week or so ago
> about tarting up GtkFileSelection. I've had a stab at it (took *cough* longer
> than I thought), if you're interested, take a peek at:

A new file selection widget is also being written for Gnome.
It might be nice if they weren't too different, since Gnome & GTK+ apps will
coexist for quite a while.


Here's Ettore's announcement:

-------- Original Message --------
Subject: New GnomeFileSelection widget
Date: 19 Apr 1999 03:12:07 +0200
From: Ettore Perazzoli <>

Hello hackers,

I have worked on a new GnomeFileSelection widget that is meant to
replace GtkFileSelection in GNOME apps.  It is not complete yet, but
you can have a look at it here if you like:

The main differences with GtkFileSelection are:

 - icon-based view as in GMC;

 - navigation toolbar (back, forward, up, home);

 - filter menu;

 - "show dotfiles" toggle.


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