Re: Interfaces writes:

> > Yup. I guess I'm worrying too much, we probably won't need to wrap
> > this at all.
> If you do want to wrap it, I think the obvious way to do
> it is the normal C++ way - pure virtual multiple
> inheritance:

This is what I had in mind when I sayed "no need to wrap it". In this
case, rather than wrapping the GTK+ API, it makes perfect sense to use
the languages facilities instead.

> That gives you the right static class heirarchies.  If you want
> everything that you'll have in C (e.g., the ability to say: Does
> this GtkObject support the GtkRadio interface?, then you'll need the
> those fancy dynamic_cast, RTTI, etc, features.

Yes, same thing as above : use the languages facilities directly and
disregard the specific GTK+ implementation. 


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