Re: [gtk-list] Re: widechar support

[ Owen Taylor writes ]
> Hmmmmm, actually, GTK has fairly good support for CJK languages.
> Most of it is formulated in terms of multi-byte characters,
> not wide-characters, but it comes down in the end to the
> same thing for the user.

I've been digging some more. It seems GtkButton uses GtkLabel.
Which would SEEM to do the right thing, as far as the code is concerned.
There is actually a font check, and a call to XDrawString16, in

Some debug printfs say that is the function that gets called, when I set the
font in a button to "fixed".

But when I set the font to "kanji24", a wide-char JIS font, suddenly...
gdk_draw_string() doesn't even get CALLED?!!! 

(and yes, the button goes blank, even though I have a JIS string in there.
 So, presumably NO draw routine is being called. And i have printfs in
 the other gdk_draw functions)

Could some GTK internals guru give a hint as to what is happening here? 

(and incidentally, yes, I did try "export LANG=ja". I don't actually HAVE the
  "ja" locale in my OS, though)

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