Re: [gtk-list] add menu items programmatically toGtkMenuItemFactory

On Tue, 6 Apr 1999, Ray Clouse wrote:

> I'm doing menus "the easy way" but I haven't found any examples/tutorials/docs
> on how to add or change a menu item once a menu has been created.  For example,
> I have the following menu:
> {"/View/_Wingman's",          NULL,   0,              0, "<Branch>" },
> I want to add menu items to this in my program when certain events occur.  How?

to create further menu items you can simply call gtk_item_factory_create_items()
on new entries similar to the above (e.g. {"/View/_Wingman's/X1",0,0,0,0},) once
your event occours.
to delete menu items, simply retrive the menu item widget with
gtk_item_factory_get_widget() and gtk_widget_destroy() that then.

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