Bug in gtk 1.2?

I don't know if I've met with a bug in gtk or my own program here, but I
don't think this one is my fault :)

What happens is that I have a window with quite some buttons and a
progressbar. Now, everything worked fine until i started using the
progressbar. After I added 
to my loop, the following happens:
The button that calls the function containing this loop gets
oversensitive after it is pressed the first time . By this I mean that if
i point at the button, it is depressed (this did not happen before i
pressed it the first time, in the same run of the program). Now, this is
not so bad, but whenever I press anywhere in the the entire window, the
oversensitive button gets a button_pressed event, and the function is
called again. 
This bug disappears if I comment out the code above from my program.

I use gtk 1.2.0. Should I upgrade to 1.2.1?

Ketil Froyn
He who Laughs, Lasts.


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