[gtk-list] Re: RH 5.0 control-panel gone after remove GTK

>On Tue, 22 Sep 1998, Scott W. Petersen wrote:
>> I had to remove the GTK RPM that came with RH 5.0 in order to install GTK
>> 1.0.5
>> The install went good and gimp is working like a champ but I lost my
>> control-panel.
>  I am guessing control-panel can't find the new GTK libs?

> Redhat 5.0 comes with an extremely old version of GTK (Dunno why they even
> bothered to ship it).  I'm guessing the new libs are *very* binary
> incompatible with RH 5.0's stock version.
> I haven't looked yet but I think there is probably a new version of
> control panel in Red Hat's FTP site.  That may work for you.
>       - Dave

Well this came up back in april. So, here it is again.
There was a change in the tooltips function which blows the control panel up.

Try modifing Control-panel (from the source RPM) with this unified diff:

--- control-panel.c Wed Apr 15 14:21:50 1998
+++ control-panel.c.orig Sun Nov  9 14:50:15 1997
@@ -127,7 +127,7 @@
/* turn this into a tooltip widget. */
/*       label = gtk_label_new(items->label); */
/*       tooltips = gtk_tooltips_new(); */
-      gtk_tooltips_set_tip(tooltips, button, items->label, "" );
+      gtk_tooltips_set_tips(tooltips, button, items->label);

vbox = gtk_vbox_new(FALSE, 0);


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