Re: [gtk-list] Re: Typing over selection...

> Undo is for an application, not for a single widget.

Right.   In emacs, when you hit the undo key, it switches to whatever
buffer you modified last and undoes that change.   Undo doesn't work
in the minibuffer, of course, because that would be inefficient.

> I think it would be a good deal easier to leave it so that you have
> to hit that extra 'DEL' and then start typing than to implement an
> undo feature for all entry widgets.

You're right.  It makes no sense to have the Gtk interface duplicate
behaviour that is present in Windows, on the Mac, with Motif-based
widgets, OpenLook based widgets, and so on.  In order to avoid the
undeniably huge impact on memory footprint and speed, it's definitely
worth behaving unexpectedly and being incompatible with the rest of
the world.

If you detect a note of sarcasm, it's not accidental, although I will
admit it's a bit gratuitous.

Implementing at least "undo recent typing" is trivial.  It should not
add appreciably to the speed or memory footprint of the widget.
Alternatively, we could make it configurable, although my vote would
be to default to the standard behaviour.  What we _shouldn't_ do is to
_force_ the user to put up with entirely new and unexpected behaviour
in order to switch to Gtk.


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