Re: [gtk-list] Re: announce: yet another gtk+ C++ wrapper (no caps as Owen suggest)

On Wed, 09 Sep 1998, Guillaume Laurent wrote:
>Ionut Borcoman at home <> writes:
>> So why don't give an opportunity to gtk+ users to choose from
>> several C++ classes ?
>- it's confusing to the users

i do not think that gtk+ users will be confused, they are not are babies or
stupid and can judge what is good and what is garbage :-)

>- it would be a duplication of a rather heavy effort (keeping Gtk-- up
> to date with gtk+ is no small task, believe me),
difficulties are not good reasons to block others possibilities or enterprises,
GNU manifesto encourages all efforts and is born to deny such mentality,
only users should made the last sentence :-)

>- there does not seem to have any technical reason why the VDK
>  "goodies" could not be added to Gtk--. I'll certainly look into it
>  whenever I have the time.
you are right, no "technical" ones, simply the will to make Gtk+ easier  and provide 
more possibilities to the users. I believe that having more than one choice is
better than having only one.


Mario Motta
AI Research Group - Rimini

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