Re: Pixmaps

Disq <> writes:

> On 8 Sep 1998, Owen Taylor wrote:
> (garbage deleted)
> > >   gtk_box_pack_start(GTK_BOX(vbox3),pixmap1,TRUE,TRUE,0);
> > > ---->8----
> > > but the 240-color-pixmap does not show up in vbox. what's wrong? 
> > The above code looks pretty much OK. If you work up a (small)
> > complete example, it might helpful in figuring out what's
> > going wrong.
> Thank you, but I fixed the problem. The xpm file was either saved as
> "gray-scale" with XV, or saved with the GIMP (cannot remember). I re-saved
> it as "full color" with XV and deleted some garbage at the end of the
> file. The result was okay. Gdk's (Gtk+'s?) pixmap routines are buggy i
> think.

Well, not buggy. They just don't understand grayscale pixmaps.
(I should have thought of that, since I had run into the
same problem myself a few days before)


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