Re: GtkText in Gtk 1.1.1

Robin Ericsson <> writes:

>   Ok, I don't know what they did with the text widget between version 1.0.4 and
> 1.0.5, but obviously that haven't happened in the development release 1.1.1. I
> had this crashes with 1.0.4, but never with 1.0.5.
>   Note: I haven't checked this with the CVS, only with 1.1.1

A quick look seems to indicate that all fixes in 1.0.5 were
also in 1.1.1, as they should have been. Can you figure out
how to get this to occur reproducably? (Example code would
be great) 

Also, if you do have a chance to try it with the current CVS text
widget, that would also be appreciated. I've fixed some more bugs with
such problems recently.


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