Re: [gtk-list] overriding/changing key/key_press in gtkentry widget

On 09/04/98 Brandon Long uttered the following other thing:
> The app I'm writing is a wrapper to a legacy application, and the legacy
> application used control-C to stop running and prompt for a new command.
> Is there a way to put a key_press callback in front of the one which the
> entry widget uses, to intercept certain keys and pass the rest on to the
> normal key entry function?  Or, perhaps a way to add our own callbacks
> to the control_keys[] callback table?
> Another possible use would be for a history mechanism bound to the
> up/down arrow keys, though it appears that I could switch to the combo
> box to handle that case.

Never mind, looking at the gtkcombo widget, I noticed that you can
override the key_press event, and have done so.

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