Re: [gtk-list] Re: GTK+-1.1.2 install problems

el mono wrote:
> I have this same problem and i'm trying to compile in a RH machine so I
> don't think that the problem is slackware, I also have unistalled all
> the gtk previous packages I got and make sure that the directory where i
> have the glib library is in, I think that the problem is not
> ld because I try to find the functions g_datalist_set_destroy and
> g_datalist_id_set_destroy in the glib.h file and there are no
> declarations for them maybe they dont even exists in glib-1.1.3. Do
> anybody has compiled gtk+-1.1.2 with glib-1.1.3 ?

If you can't find the g_datalist... declarations, you have a glib.h file
from pre 1.1 so you need to remove the glib package and make sure this old
file is deleted then install the 1.1 version of glib.


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