Re: [gtk-list] gtk-- missing signals

Jan Gentsch <> writes:
> I am looking at gtk+-1.1.2 and gtk---0.9.17 (Though looking at the
> source it's the same for 0.9.19).
> There are a number of signals defined in the gtkeditable class which are
> not reflected in c++ interface.
>   insert_text
>   delete_text
>   set_text
> Missing this signals takes away most of the functionalty of the editable
> class. What is the problem with these signals??
> There are name clashes but that should be possible to circumvent??

(what is this set_text() signal? My gtkeditable.c does not have it.. has
gtkeditable.c changed recently? (my gtk+ is quite new version from cvs) :)

instead I have alot of other signals that gtk-- did not implement:
#ifgtk >= 1.1
  SIGNAL_SPEC(void insert_text(const_gchar*,gint,gint*));
  SIGNAL_SPEC(void delete_text(gint,gint));
  SIGNAL_SPEC(void set_editable(gint));
  SIGNAL_SPEC(void GtkEditable@move_cursor(gint, gint));
  SIGNAL_SPEC(void GtkEditable@move_word(gint));
  SIGNAL_SPEC(void GtkEditable@move_page(gint,gint));
  SIGNAL_SPEC(void GtkEditable@move_to_row(gint));
  SIGNAL_SPEC(void GtkEditable@move_to_column(gint));
  SIGNAL_SPEC(void GtkEditable@kill_char(gint));
  SIGNAL_SPEC(void GtkEditable@kill_word(gint));
  SIGNAL_SPEC(void GtkEditable@kill_line(gint));
  SIGNAL_SPEC(void GtkEditable@cut_clipboard());
  SIGNAL_SPEC(void GtkEditable@copy_clipboard());
  SIGNAL_SPEC(void GtkEditable@paste_clipboard());

  SIGNAL_VFUNC_SPEC(void update_text(gint,gint));
  SIGNAL_VFUNC_SPEC(gchar* get_chars(gint,gint));
  SIGNAL_VFUNC_SPEC(void set_selection(gint,gint));
  SIGNAL_VFUNC_SPEC(void set_position(gint));

I added those signals and virtual functions now, but insert_text and
set_editable will need some thinking to do -- we would like to use
const string& in there instead of gchar*'s.. but I'm not exactly sure
how to implement it... :(

Also, the thing I implemented now allows calling signal_emit for
things like move_cursor, move_to_row and move_to_column etc because
they dont have corresponding gtk_editable_move_cursor() functions.

-- Tero Pulkkinen -- --

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