Re: [gtk-list] GDK_WINDOW_TEMP

On 11 Oct, Adam Kopacz scribbled:
->  hi,
->  i use GDK_WINDOW_TEMP to create a fullscreen window without title-bar and
->  so in my Quick Image Viewer (, but when i
->  startup with the TEMP window my progam don't recieve any key-pushes from
->  the user :( 
->  the mouse works but the stuff is send to my program and to other apps..
->  example: if i start my qiv in fullscreenmode from a xterm and i push the
->  middle mousebutton for exit so qiv exists but the middle button is also
->  send to xterm and it insets the text from the 'x11-clipboard' :(
->  any ideas how to fix this ?
->  it should work with all Window Manager like TEMP..

don't use TEMP. :) it's override redirect - it bypasses the WM - the WM
doesnt set the focus to the window cause it doesnt know it exists thus
you dont get the keyboard focus.. i sugegst if you REALLY want to do
this seti ti yourself - but override redirect windows are evil for
anything othere than a very temproary popup (eg menu) - also the button
press likely you exit on "mouse down" not "mouse up" thus ytou get the
down event - kill the window - x has nowhere to send the up event when
you take your finger off the mouse button anymore so ti gets sent to
whatever window you mouse is over - xterm pastes on middle mouse UP.
thus it gets that event and pastes.

to start - make a normal toplevel window - i suggets using
gdk_window_set_decorations(widget->window, 0); to "hint" to the WM to
not decorate the window - then just hope the WM understands this as
more wm's are doing now since gnome uses it.

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