[gtk-list] Re: Help moving from Xt to Gtk

dns@connix.com writes:
> Do your plans include mapping gtk into your perl-Xlib-Xt-Motif-Xbae-XRT
> module?

Yes.  I'd like to support the same high-level interface (i.e. the
give, change and query methods) that I do with Xt.  If I can figure
out how to map the traditional Xt functions I'll do that too.

But beyond that, the Linux community is moving away from Xt and I
want to stay with the community.  (I prefer Gtk to Qt because core
Gtk development is more open.)  Motif seems to have poisoned Xt
for some people and I'd hate for us to forget about the good things
in Xt.

- Ken

Ken Fox, kfox@ford.com, (313)59-44794
Ford Motor Company, Powertrain           | "Is this some sort of trick
Analytical Powertrain Methods Department |  question or what?" -- Calvin
C3P Implementation Section               |

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