gtk-- wants GtkRcStyle (& more)

Good day,
	I'm trying to compile gtk-- 0.10.0 on a RH5 box w/ Gtk+ 1.1.3 . I do the 
./configure and make. It crunches a little before hitting this:

./../widget.gen_h: At top level:
In file included from ../../src/gtk--/container.h:7,
                 from ../../src/gtk--/bin.h:8,
                 from ../../src/gtk--/alignment.h:8,
                 from ../../src/gtk--.h:209,
./../widget.gen_h:266: `GtkRcStyle' was not declared in this scope
./../widget.gen_h:266: `style' was not declared in this scope
./../widget.gen_h:266: variable or field `modify_style' declared void

I can see why it's complaining: I can't find them by hand either. Any pointers 
where this should come from or how to fix it?

"Zow" Terry Brugger

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