Hi *
    I have been finally getting into GTK and it is looking promising.
    I have GTK as delivered in Red Hat 5.0.

    Now, considering that gtk_dialog_new() doesn't seem to be
    working properly (haven't gotten it to work without giving some
    strange warnings) I decided to write my own dialog utility

    Because this dialog needs to be modal, and wait for the OK/Cancel
    response from the user I tried the gtk_events_pending() construct
    suggested in the GTK Tutorial, but... I get a linking error 
    because the function does *not* seem to exist! no prototype either.
    I looked into libglib.a libgdk.a and libgtk.a but found nothing

    How do I do that then? was it a typo error in the tutorial (I have
    seen several errors in the examples too)? 

    Also, it would be nice if there were utility dialog functions for
    info/question etc. such as in Tk and the FVWM95 library.


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