Re: [gtk-list] Gtk & Xlib

Holger Eitzenberger wrote:

> Hi,
>     I exerciced through the GTK tutorial which was good as a starting
> point. First question: do i also need Xlib programming, e. g. to extend
> GTK or GDK? How does Xlib & GTK behave together, any difficulties?
>   Thx in advance.

XLib is lower level X programming, in fact I think it IS the low level libs
for X programming...
I am learning about it simply because I want to be able to create my own
widget set later maybe..
I think that gdk or glib are supposed to hide all that low level stuff from
us.  So the only reason to learn Xlib would be because you want to learn
Xlib.  It is totally different from GTK, or ANY widget set for that matter.
It may teach you about some concepts like drawables and such,...

It is worth learning though, since most widget sets are based on Xlib,...only
one I know that isn't is Qt and I am not sure on that one even.  Anyway...hope
that helps.

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