Re: Compiling GTK

Tony Peterson <capeters@physics.Arizona.EDU> writes:

> OK, here is my ./configure output. BTW, I don't know if this is a related
> problem but since I finally got gtk to work I tried to compile imlib.
> However, when the ./configure got to checking for the version of gtk I
> had it said it couldn't find it.

If you still need to add -lX11 manually, few things are going
to ./configure correctly. I think that when GTK is configured
correctly (see below), it will most likely work.

I was actually asking for the literal file 'config.log' that was
generated. However, the following may be sufficient:

> checking for XOpenDisplay in -lX11... (cached) no


When configure gets things wrong, you should remove the file
'config.cache' before running it again. I think in this case
it is simply not checking again, so you are still be affected
by the problems you've now fixed by upgrading your glibc.


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