Re: [gtk-list] Re: gtk_signal_connect() w/key_press_event (fwd)

>  1. I need to install a private colormap and have all widgets use it.  I can
>  do this using a module I wrote previously that only uses Xlib calls (so it
>  should compile easily on any platform without having to rewrite it) but I'm
>  not sure how to get all the Gtk widgets to use it.  With Motif it would be
>  just setting the XmNcolormap resource.  There are a couple of possible Gtk
>  routines that handle this: gtk_widget_set_default_colormap() and
>  gtk_widget_push_colormap(), but I'm not sure if these do what I want.
>  I know there is a routine for converting the XColormap to a GdkColormap,
>  but after conversion I'm not sure what to do with it.
>  2. Once I have a private colormap, I want to install colorcells one at a
>  time, on an as needed basis (ie a user will click on a color and I'll try
>  to install it if it doesn't already exist).  I've been reading the mailing
>  list archives and found a few tips on this from Owen, but perhaps there are
>  some small programs that deal with this?  I could look at the Gimp's color
>  code but I was hoping for some smaller, simpler code.  I checked the
>  tutorials and FAQs - the GTK FAQ has a little bit of this and might be
>  sufficient once I get my colormap problems worked out.

Yay, a private colormap.  Do you really need such a thing?  Won't the
GdkColorContext do the job?  At least it would be friendlier to other


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