Re: [gtk-list] do we need glib-config?

On Sat, 9 May 1998, Marc Ewing wrote:

> In GNOME I'm starting to run into programs that simply want to link
> against glib.  Previously they just had -lglib in their Makefiles,
> but this no longer works due to the GTK versioning system.  Should
> we have a glib-config (like gtk-config) so programs can use just glib?

i'm having the same problem here with some libraries.
this should be solved when GLIB has been seperated from the GTK+ package,
it'll provide its own glib.m4 and glib-config files then.

until then i guess we can just make gtk-config support
similar to the existing options, and even maintain those flags after
the split has been made (since glib won't be split from gtk for the
GTK+-1.0.x line).

but i'd really like to get owen's opinion on this as well.

> -Marc


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