Re: [gtk-list] potentially silly question about supported depths

On Fri, 8 May 1998, Olli Helenius wrote:

> I, as a owner of the tragic NeoMagic shi^H^H^Hchipset am forced to use the
> VGA16 X-server and was wondering why GDK doesn't support 4-bit depth by
> default?  If i add 4 to the possible_depths list in 
> gdkvisual.c/gdk_visual_init(), it works quite fine.  Doesn't look too good
> but it works anyway (except for GtkColorSelection).
I have had some small problems working with colour tests and colour
selections under 8 bit pixel depth too, the application tended to segfault
if I loaded a colour test without loading a colour selection first. Same
with grey. If I'm running Netscape, as I always am, I tend to be short of
colour cells, and I had the idea it could be linked to this, but I'm not

GM/CS/MU -d+ H+>++ s+: !g p2 au0 !a w+++ v-(---) C++++$ UL++++$ UB+
US++ UI+++$ P+>++++ L++++$ 3+ E--- N+ K !W(-----) M+(-) !V -po+ Y+ t+
5++ !j !R G' !tv b+++ D++ B--- e+ u+* h++ f? r-- n---- y?

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